What is Kodály?


So what exactly is Kodály music education?

... and how does it work in early childhood? 

Zoltán Kodály (pronounced Co-Die) was a 20th Century Hungarian ethnomusicologist, pedagogue, composer and philosopher. He did a great deal in his lifetime, too much to summarise in just a few sentences, including his tireless work toward reforming Hungarian music education. Underpinning this work was a set of principles upon which Kodály teachers base their work today. These principles include:

- Music should belong to everybody

- Music education should begin as early as possible in a child’s life

- Music should be taught in such a way that it is a joy for the child

- Those who are teaching the very youngest of children must be the very best musicians and teachers

- The singing voice is the very best instrument for a young child to learn to use

- Children must be given an opportunity to develop a ‘musical mother-tongue’ in the same way that they learn their own mother-tongue spoken language

Never heard of him? You've probably heard of some of his creations though, like Solfege. You know that "do re me" stuff that they sing in the Sound Of Music? Yeah, that system is because of him.