Hello, my name is Julie. I am a mum of two boys, Alex and Leo. 
I have a passion for teaching young people music, as well as providing parents and families with the tools to bring music into their homes. I believe YOU are your child's best teacher and childhood should be magical and full of wonder. I aim to support your connected parenting and to provide an environment to build on your beautiful bond with your child.

I began formal music lessons on the flute at age eight after my parents could no longer ignore my relentless recorder playing. Little did they know that they would soon be moving the couch to make way for a piano.
I have a Bachelor of Music from the Melba Conservatorium, where I was awarded the John Tallis Bursary (scholarship). I've had the privilege of performing on the world's stage as a flutist and the joy of large and small ensemble and solo work within Australia. I have been a private music educator since 2003 and have since studied Kodály (pronounced Koh-Die) based music programs and philosophy specifically for young children and early learning.

So what exactly is Kodály music education, and how does it work in early childhood? Zoltán Kodály was a 20th Century Hungarian ethnomusicologist, pedagogue, composer and philosopher. He did a great deal in his lifetime, too much to summarise in just a few sentences, including his tireless work toward reforming Hungarian music education. Underpinning this work was a set of principles upon which Kodály teachers base their work today. These principles include:

  1. Music should belong to everybody
  2. Music education should begin as early as possible in a child’s life
  3. Music should be taught in such a way that it is a joy for the child
  4. Those who are teaching the very youngest of children must be the very best musicians and teachers
  5. The singing voice is the very best instrument for a young child to learn to use
  6. Children must be given an opportunity to develop a ‘musical mother-tongue’ in the same way that they learn their own mother-tongue spoken language

To deliver this I have been accredited as a First Steps in Music teacher through the acclaimed Feierabend Association for Music Education, and had the insipring experience of learning from Dr John Feierabend himself. 

Personally, I love mini outdoor adventures exploring with my family, making home movies, spontaneous music making and dancing in the kitchen, growing food on my suburban block, watching my boys make new discoveries and savouring strong coffee.