You love music, you’re enrolled in VCE Music and you’ve just discovered that it is FULL ON!
If you’re feeling daunted, you needn't fear. We have strategies to help you understand what’s being asked of you, and to break down everything that you’re hearing so you can make sense of it all.

In a one on one lesson we have the luxury of being able to spend lots of time working on the things that you find most challenging. Be it reading notation, understanding scales and modes, arpeggios, intervals, inversions, cadences, chords and chord progressions, rhythmic and melodic dictation/transcription, sight singing, solfege or key signatures. We have strategies to help you break it all down so it’s easy to understand, read and hear.

If you think you might need a little help with your theory and aural don’t wait until just before your exams to ‘get on with’ your preparation. These things can NOT be crammed! Let us help you at a pace that wirks for you. We’re not in a hurry to move on with the rest of the class. We can take time on the things that you find the most challenging. Contact us now to learn techniques for nailing your preparation and breezing through the exams.