When people ask me to recommend good music teachers, there are only two names that come to mind: Julie Murray and John Lewis at ‘Sounds Like This’.
Julie served as my daughter’s music theory tutor during VCE Music. Julie helped fill in critical gaps in my daughter’s knowledge, including important topics sadly overlooked by the school. Things that my daughter struggled with suddenly made sense to her. As a result, my daughter was fully prepared for everything the final exam dished up, and achieved an outstanding exam score.
My daughter has also had seven years (so far) of drum lessons with John. Over that time, I have watched her grow from a beginner to an extremely proficient drummer, attaining a skill level I didn’t know she could reach. Her technique, feel and ability astound me at times. And I attribute that to John’s teaching. She loves every lesson, and looks forward to each, wondering what John has in store for her next.
Julie and John have several things in common: a deep passion for music and teaching, a knack for making complex concepts easier to understand, a natural talent for building rapport with students, a sense of humour, and they’re both gifted musicians.
Speaking as a parent, musician and part-time guitar teacher, I would unequivocally recommend you give ‘Sounds Like This’ a try!
— David L