Music theory lessons are open to all sort of people. Maybe you’re just getting started and it written music looks like a mess of black lines and squiggles. Maybe you already play an instrument, but reading music is challenging? Maybe you’ve never learnt to read music but you’re wanting to take your understanding to the next level. Maybe you would like to play with other people but your theory is letting you down, and you’re not a fast enough reader for it to be easy.
We can help!
Whether it’s reading notation, understanding scales, arpeggios and chords, intervals, inversions, cadences or key signatures. We have strategies to help you break it all down so it’s easy to understand, read and hear. 

We’ll teach you all of the fundamentals in a way that make sense to you.
We’ll help you learn techniques to make reading music easy and pleasurable.
We can help with aural comprehension, so you’re not just learning what to call the notes on the page, but what they sound like and why.
We’ll deliver your lessons at a pace that works for you.