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Class Types and Prices

NEW CLASS! Tiny Babies: A gentle introduction to connected music making and bonding with your new baby. For parents of 0-5 month olds. Lullabies, moving with the beat and learning what you can do at home to change the way your baby's brain grows. This session has been scheduled to allow time for parents to stay for a chat with others in the group, should they choose to.  
20 minute classes (followed by an optional informal parent's stay and chat, should you wish to) 
$12 parent and child
+ $5 for same age siblings

Babies: Parent-child classes for 5-15 months, filled with bounces, lap songs, lullabies, instrumental exploration, sensory and finger play.
40 minute classes
$19 parent and child
+ $10 per sibling, up to 15 months

Mixed Age: Parent-child classes for 0-4 year olds, perfect for siblings. All of our parent-child classes strive to educate the adults as much as the children, so you can take the music making home with you!
40 minute classes
$19 parent and child
+ $10 per siblings, up to 4 years

Kinder Kids: Parent-child classes for 3-5 year olds. Fun sessions with more structured games, full of movement, building independence and musicianship.
40 minute classes
$19 parent and child
+ $12 per siblings, up to 5 years

Big Kids: Child only classes for 4-8 year olds. Lots of confidence building, games, echo, call and response songs in a full bodied learning environment.
30 minute classes
$19 child (with or without parent)
+ $12 per sibling, up to 8 years