Why choose music?

My small team and I often talk to curious parents who want to know what we do here. The short answer is "we run music classes". The long answer and really the bigger picture behind our whole reason for being, is that we are changing brains.

We're changing brains for the better in so many more ways than "Can your child learn to sing in tune?" or "Can they move their body to the beat?" or "Can they tap out a rhythm?" ...
We're changing the way their brain actually grows. The way it processes information. 

Why does that matter?

It matters. It changes the way your child will think, for the rest of their lives.
Every choice they make. Every time they problem solve. Every time they interact with another person. Every time they use intellectual, spacial, environmental or emotional intelligence. 

It matters for the next 80+ years. It matters. 

By Julie Murray
Owner and teacher