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 This website is currently under construction. Please bear with us.

This website is currently under construction. Please bear with us.

Music Making for All People

Whether it’s children’s music classes, tailored individual instrumental or theory tuition, or quality musical professional development, at Sounds Like This we’ve got you covered.

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Children’s Music Classes

Together we can change the world for the better, one child at a time. Respectfully nurturing their creativity, filling children’s bodies, minds and hearts with music.

Sounds Like This Frankston based family classes and quality incursions for kindergartens and daycares.

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Private Music Lessons

Our highly experiences teachers tailor each lesson to meet the needs of the individual student. We provide great quality music lessons from our private music studio, Frankston.

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Musical Professional Development & Night School

Courses filled with fabulous content for adults working with and parenting children aged 0-8 years.

Sounds Like This for Kids

Children's Classes
Kindergarten, School and Daycare Incursions

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Changing brains and hearts through music making.

Sounds Like This for Kids focusses on educating the whole child and nurturing their special bonds with their grown ups.


"1. A well-trained ear
2. A well-trained intelligence
3. A well-trained heart
4. A well-trained hand
All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium."

- Zoltan Kodály


"What a tragedy it would be if we lived in a world
where music was not taught to children."

- H Norman Schwarzkopf


Julie Murray and John Lewis

In 2001 Julie and John met whilst mid-air, en-route to perform in Beijing. For the last 17 years they have adventured, studied, performed, laughed, cried, had each other's back, grown up and grown businesses. Five years ago they became parents. 

Together they are greater than the sum of their parts.


Individual lessons for children and adults.

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Our private teaching studio provides individual music lessons on drums, piano, flute, aural and theory to people aged 5 to 100 in a friendly and relaxed environment, with an emphasis on developing each student's musicianship at a pace that suits them.

John and Julie have decades of teaching experience and a whole lot of love for what they do!


Workshops and Night School

for childhood educators and parents


Life changing resources at the touch of a button.

Gain insight and tools to deliver quality and educationally informed music making to change the development of young brains and build beautiful relationships.

These online PD courses are for engaged parents and educators working with children aged 0-10, who believe in play based learning and childhoods filled with joy, creativity and curiosity.